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The Valleys 2014


Pandora is officially the most sociable cat I have.
Most decide to give birth in the safety of their birthing pen, in the middle of the night.
Pandora decided to go into labour, in front of the fire in the lounge at 5pm.
It was only after the first baby was born at 17:15 that I convinced her to move upstairs to the birthing pen.
Baby no2 was born shortly after at 17:55.
They were finally joined by the last member of the team at 19:30.
Mum & babies are all doing well.
The three babies are all respectable weight, ranging from 90g to 92g.
My initial thoughts are that we have two boys & one girl, but I'm probably wrong.

Week 1

The babies are all doing great, they have all more than doubled their birth weight, they are proper little chubby white mice! 
I now think we may have two girls and one boy, but I'm still not 100%
They are starting to develop their colour, so hopefully I will be able to tell their patterns in the next week or so. 

Week 2

Well it has been a bit of a stressful day in the Snowtonks household today.
Pandora who has been perfectly happy with the kittens being in a purpose built heated kittening pen, today decided that they need to live in a litter tray!
After several hours of trying to convince her otherwise, I realised we were fighting a loosing battle, so got an old hooded litter tray out of the roof (disinfected the hell out of it!) put in some fresh bedding & watched her move them all in there.
Oh well, she is obviously happier with them in there, who am I to argue.
Apart from that, the babies are all doing great.
My initial instincts were correct, we do have one girl & two boys.
I'm waiting to see how their markings develop, but it looks like we have two show patterns in this litter.

Week 3

The babies are all gaining weight and looking good.
After last weeks choice of new home, I have been careful not to get in the way with the babies this week, but I did buy a nice new hooded litter tray, with a much lower opening & put lovely new bedding in there for them.
After a couple of days, Pandy got the hint and moved her new family in there.

The babies patterns are beginning to come out now, we have Tampin a very pretty blue acceptable show pattern girl, she has some very cute markings developing.
Fumin who is a blue half classic V boy, a real dark little teddy bear! 
Ragin a blue acceptable show pattern boy, he has probable the best markings of the three, not quite preferred show pattern, but very nice.

Week 4

This has been a very brave week for the valleys, you could tell they all desperately wanted to leave the nest, but it's a very big step when you are that little!
I put a nice soft bed against the entrance of the nest........ Less than a min later Fumin was out on very wobbly legs.
After a few mins I put him back in, as I thought he may not be able to go back in on his own..... No he came straight back out again! I think this could be trouble!
The next day they were all out and about.
Now when I walk in the room, they hear my voice and come running :-)

Fumin has a very small hernia, that will need a routine repair when he is 4 months old, so he will be remaining her until after his op.
He has been examined by my vet, who has said it is very small & won't cause him any problems in the future.

Week 5

Well this has been a milestone week, in the Snowtonks household.
The Valleys have been learning to run around and wrestle.
This has been very exciting for big brother Bruno, who has been desperate for a playmate! Unfortunately they are not quite big enough to play rough with, so we spend most of our time pulling him away! Poor boy all he wants to do is play.

We introduced wet food at the beginning of the week, Tampin took to it straight away & has been wolfing it down all week, the boys thought it was definitely poison & to be avoided at all cost (they may not be the sharpest tools in the box) but by the end of the week, they finally got what their sister was making so much fuss about & all three now come running at food time.

The most exciting thing this week though (well for me anyway) is these little guys have litter trained themselves! I'm not saying we are 100% there yet! but for 5 week old kittens I'm very impressed, they are about 80% there & even go straight to their tray at bedtime.

The babies will be excepting visitors from next week, so if you would like to make an arrangement to come and visit them, then please feel free to contact me.

Week 8

I’m devastated to say that on Sunday night we lost our little boy Ragin.

He came down with a sickness & diarrhoea bug & was under treatment by my vet, but despite all of our best efforts he was unable to fight anymore.


Pandora & the other kittens have been treated as a precaution, but everyone is doing fine.

Week 9

Today the babies think i’m a very mean Mummy!

We have been to the vets for their 1st vaccinations & check up.

I’m delighted to say that everyone has been given a clean bill of health & had lots of cuddles with the veterinary nurses.

They are both becoming right little terrors & are finally giving Uncle Bruno a run for his money in the wrestling stakes.

Week 10

These two are an absolute joy to have around, don't get me wrong they are little monkeys! but they are turning into proper little Snowshoes........Brave........Fearless........... & most importantly adorable little furballs.

I know they have to find their forever homes soon, but i will be sad to see these two leave.

Week 12

Well today my brave little soldiers went for their 2nd vaccinations & they had their microchips implanted.

Tampin was a brave girl for her vaccination, but did swear at Uncle Ben (my vet) when he implanted her microchip (& who can blame her!)

Fumin was an absolute super star! He didn't murmur for his vaccination & hardly flinched when he had his microchip implanted.

I practically had to prise him out of the nurse's arms to bring him home; they have both become a big hit at the surgery.


The Irish litter 2012


Pandora gave birth to her 1st baby at 23:30 on 10/07/12 He/She is a propper bruiser and has been proving that it has great lungs. Her 2nd baby was born 45 mins later, followed by their last litter mate at 2am this morning.

Mum and babies are doing very well, (and Aunty Suki proved to be a very attentive midwife)
All babies are a good weight and are very alert.

As for sex and colour of the kittens i have no idea and it will probably change daily over the next couple of weeks, so i will let you know when i'm more confident in what we have got.

Day 4

Well the two biggest snowshoes are propper little bruisers and are constantly fighting over the same teat, i think these two are going to be trouble! I have got a great video clip of them arguing, but i can't get it to load on here. you can see it on Facebook on my snowtonks snowshoe & tonkinese page but i will try and figure out how to get it on here.

My inital sexing of the kittens are that we have two girls Oonagh (pronounced Oo-na) & Karen & one boy Malachi (pronounced Mal-a-ki)

Oonagh is going to be the 1st to do everything i think, she had her first eye open at 36 hours and is the biggest kitten out of both litters.

Week 1

Everyone is doing really well. The kittens are all weighed and checked daily to make sure everyone is ok, but today was the big weekly weigh in!

They have all doubled their birth weight or more, not surprising as they are greedy little monkeys!

Oonagh is still the biggest kitten out of all 9, she is going to be a proper little bruiser as she develops & LOUD! She has a great set of lungs on her and uses them every time i pick her up. She is the only kitten, that has both mums running to see what the problem is when i pick her up to check her. She still only has one eye open but the other is beginning  to peep.

Karen is still the smallest of the three, but was when she was born, & in terms of weight gain, has probably gained a higher % than the other two. She has pretty little dainty features. Karen still has both eyes closed, but i think they were beginning to open this morning.

Malachi is a big strapping boy most of the kittens hiss when you touch them at this stage but he actually head buts you (weather this is intentional or not we will have to wait and see) He has both eyes half open now, and i think he is going to be a handsome boy.

In terms of patterns and markings it all far too early to tell to be definite at the moment. Oonagh has a nose that is half coloured and half white, so i think she will be bi-colour. Karen i think may be a mitted or colourpoint and Malachi has a white nose and coloured ears, so i think he may be show pattern but we will have to wait and see.

Week 2

Sorry for the late entry to the diary, the days just seem to be slipping away at the moment.

The kittens really seem to have filled out this week, all are putting on good weight and are beginning to find there way around on wobbly little legs.

Malachi appears to be the most confident kitten and is already spending a lot of time looking to venture out into the big wide world outside of the pen. I think it is a matter of days before he makes the break for it and lets everyone follow him into the nursery.

Oonagh is an absolute joy, she is still bigger than her brother but not by a long way now. She is so quick on her feet, that i think when she finally ventures out of the pen, there will be no stopping her.

Karen is under assessment at the moment. We lost a kitten at four days old and unfortunately a few of them had lost their collars at this point and all the pointed tonks and snowshoes looked the same at that point. Due to weights, we thought we had narrowed it down to a tonk kitten that had died. After watching them develop over the last couple of weeks and monitoring their markings, it looks like Karen is either a colour point snowshoe kitten, or a pointed tonk. We are going to have her tested to see if she has the white spotting gene, as this will tell us that she is a snowshoe. In my heart of hearts though, i do now believe that it was the smallest snowshoe we lost and Karen is in fact a Tonkinese kitten. Whatever she is, she is absolutely adorable and growing really quickly!

Week 3

I can't believe they are three weeks old already!

The Snowshoes are definitely coming into their own in the last few days. They are beginning to get braver and braver. The mums are not objecting so much now when we take them out of the box, so it is great being able to get a sneaky cuddle here and there.

Malachi has already ventured out of the box, he thought he was king of the jungle until Aunty Suki came and carried him back to his room. Oonagh is nearly as brave but has got as far as two paws out, she isn't quite ready to make that leap just yet. She has been making me laugh the last couple of days as she and Krug (one of the tonk girls) have been practising their running, not very successfully, it's more like run two steps, trip over your paws and nosedive into the blanket. Very funny to watch though!
Karen is a big cuddly girl who doesn't complain as much as the others when they are taken out of the pen.

They are looking forward to their kitten visits commencing next week.

Week 4

And they are off!!!!!
The Snowshoes are out and about in force, there is no stopping them now.

Malachi is an adorable cuddle monster, one minute he is causing havoc, and the next he is cuddled up looking angelic in his favourite place you're lap. He isn't fussy, if your sat down you're lap is fair game.

Oonagh is a beautiful little girl, she has a really sweet little cry and the most adorable big blue eyes. She is a very playful little girl that has learnt to climb like a little spider monkey.

Week 5

Sorry for the late diary update it has been a mad few days here, with Riley my Tonkinese boy going missing.
I'm pleased to say he is back with us now so i'll try and play catch up.

Exciting week for the kittens, starting as always with the ring leader Malachi but this time in a good way.
I walked into their room on Thursday & he was in the loo all by himself, big brave clever boy that he is!
I have to say litter training has gone really well with all the kittens, they are about 85% there at the moment.
They may still have the odd accident, but they are babies, & it is getting better every day.

We have also started on solid food..... this hasn't gone quite so well with my little pair of shoes.
Oonagh has finally got the gist of it in the last couple of days & is actually quite enjoying it now.
Malachi on the other hand thinks i'm trying to poison him!
He is still very young, and we have some tricks up our sleeves that we haven't tried yes, so watch this space.

Both of them are now 95% stable on their little chubby legs (that is until they try doing stunts) and are now honing their wrestling skills.

Week 6

Well who would have thought that a tuna could have solved Malachi's problems.
He has been a stubborn little man & refused point blank to try any solid food, no matter how sneaky we were.
Then my husband said we should try tuna....... well he was like something possessed.
I guess for the moment that makes him high maintenance, but who cares.

Oonagh has decided she wants to be a rock climber, or join the circus as an acrobat when she is a big girl.
The child gate that is meant to keep them in the nursery, is just part of an assault course in her eyes & must be tackled at 100 miles an hour, but with those eyes, who could deny her anything.

Weeks 7 & 8

Time is just slipping away with these little guys, I can't believe it will be time for their 1st vaccinations next week already!

They both have the most adorable natures, & are so very different.
Malachi although he can be a naughty little shoe, is a very cuddly little Mummy's boy.
He just sneaks onto your lap and curls up. 
Everyone that has met him has fallen in love with him.
Oonagh is quite a bit bigger than her brother, & is a little terror! There have been a few battles for dominance going on this week & Oonagh is normally in the middle of it,
She is growing into a very pretty little girl & has the most amazing blue eyes.

Week 9

Well today was a pretty important day in the Snowtonk household. V Day!
I have been so worried about my precious babies having their vaccinations, particularly Malachi as he is still quite a little man.
I have taken so much advice, on the best vaccines to use with young kittens, that i think i have wound myself up about it all.

The great thing is i have fab vets that are probably sick to death of me (I was definitely labelled the neurotic mum before the kittens were born, so i dread to think what they say now) They have listened to all of my concerns & found what we all believe to be the best killed vaccine that i can use for my little bundles of fur.

It all went very well, Malachi did squeak a little bit, but it is a big needle for such a little guy!
Oonagh in typical Oonagh style didn't even flinch!
They were both given a thorough check over and declared fit, healthy & adorable.
Malachi is a bit on the small side but, they said he is doing just fine. I lost track of the amount of people, that wanted to take him home today.
Week 9

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