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Kitten Information
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Your kitten will be sold as a PET. This in no way means that it is not a genuine Snowshoe / Tonkinese. It just means that the kitten is NOT for breeding, its GCCF paperwork will state not on the active register. If it has been previously arranged, your kitten will be on the active register and all progeny can be registered.

Kittens will be no younger than 12 weeks of age, as recommended with the GCCF. Usually they go to their new homes at 13-14 weeks.

Kittens are available to view from 5 weeks of age, and can be put on hold for interested parties until this time. Deposits of £100 will then be required to secure kittens, these are non refundable, unless I am unable to provide you with a kitten. I reserve the right to refuse to sell a kitten if I feel the home is unsuitable. The balance of the kittens fee will be payable in cash on collection of the kitten.

I will only sell kittens, which I believe are well balanced, socialised and in good health. I cannot guarantee a cats health once s/he has left me, however the kitten will be vet checked, insured and I will be available for advice. I also will advise of any known problems, should there be any at the time of sale.

Each kitten will be litter trained and taught general manners and house trained.

All kittens come with 4 weeks free insurance with Petplan.

Kittens are wormed regularly, stronghold (preventative flea treatment) and fully vaccinated before they go to their new homes.
I will provide a free information pack, goodie bag and vaccination certificate, along with the GCCF registration form and pedigree certificate with each kitten.

I am available for advice after the kittens have gone to new homes and I am always happy to hear how they are doing. I would love to see any letters or pictures of kittens in their new homes.

All kittens will go to their new homes subject to the following agreement, please read through and discuss any queries prior to purchasing your kitten.

Snowtonk Kitten Sales Agreement for Snowtonk _________________

This agreement is made between Tamzin Mee, herein after referred to as the ‘VENDOR(s)’ of Snowtonk Snowshoe & Tonkinese cats, and ________________________________________, herein after referred to as the ‘PURCHASER(s)’

Whereby it is agreed as follows:

For the sum of £________, VENDOR(s) hereby sells to PURCHASER(s) the following described feline, hereinafter referred to as the ‘PEDIGREE CAT’ as a Pet Only.

PEDIGREE CAT Name: Snowtonk  ________________

Sex: ______________

Date of Birth: ________________

Breed Number: ______________

Colour/Breed:  ______________________________________

Registration Number: ______________________

1. That the VENDOR(s) acknowledge that at the time of sale, the PEDIGREE CAT has been vaccinated for Flu and Enteritis, is wormed, and is in a healthy condition as far as the VENDOR(s) is capable of knowing. The VENDOR(s) further agree that upon receipt of a signed copy of this document and after relevant payment has been made; the PURCHASER(s) will be given:

- GCCF Registration Certificate
- Pedigree Certificate
- Vaccination Certificate
- Insurance cover for 4 weeks
- Kitten sales agreement
- Kitten food
- Kitten toys
- Fleece blanket

2. That the PURCHASER(s) agrees to and understands the following conditions:

 - The PURCHASER(s) has today examined the Kitten and is satisfied with the health and temperament of the Kitten.

- If, within 72 hours of collection, the PEDIGREE CAT is believed to be ill, it must be returned to the VENDOR(s) to be examined by the VENDOR(s) own veterinary surgeon at the VENDOR(s) expense.  After examination by the VENDOR(s) veterinary surgeon, if the PEDIGREE CAT does not receive a clean bill of health or can not be returned to the PURCHASER(s), then the VENDOR(s) will refund the purchase price less the Non Refundable Deposit to the PURCHASER(s). By refusing to return the PEDIGREE CAT the PURCHASER(s) waivers all rights to financial restitution.

-  If the PURCHASER(s) premises are a multi cat home then it is highly recommended to isolate the PEDIGREE CAT for at least one week before introduction to other cats/kittens already established in the PURCHASER(s) home. The PURCHASER(s) understands that failure to comply with these terms will null and void any health guarantees in this contract.

- The PURCHASER(s) agrees to insure the PEDIGREE CAT for at least the first year of its life at the PURCHASER(s) expense.

 - The VENDOR(S) are not responsible for any stress induced health issues that affect the PEDIGREE CAT once placed in the PURCHASER(s) residence.

- The VENDOR(S) are not responsible for any illness caused due to changing the kittens diet. Food is given when the kitten is collected and the kitten should stay on this for at least the first 3 months after purchase. The PURCHASER(S) understand that failure to comply with these terms will null and voids any health guarantees in this contract.

-  The PEDIGREE CAT is sold as a pet only and must be spayed/neutered before the age of 6 months old.

- The PURCHASER(s) is responsible for all veterinary and other expenses, which are incurred once the PEDIGREE CAT has been collected by the PURCHASER(s) from the VENDOR(s) premises.

- The PURCHASER(s) will keep in contact with the VENDOR(s) at least twice a year to provide an update on the PEDIGREE CAT.

 4. The PURCHASER(s) further acknowledges that prior to paying a deposit and/or the purchase price to the VENDOR(s) for the PEDIGREE CAT, the PURCHASER(s) has read through, and agrees to all the terms and conditions as set out in this Snowtonk Kitten Sales Agreement.

In as much as the below signed PURCHASER(s) have read and understood the terms and restrictions of the sale and understand that this contract is a legal and binding agreement, a legal document, enforceable within the confines of the United Kingdom. 

It is agreed that the maximum liability by either the PURCHASER(s) or the VENDOR(s) shall be limited to the purchase price.

As witness the hands of both parties

SIGNED by the above-mentioned VENDORS:____________________________________________


SIGNED by the above-mentioned PURCHASER(s):_________________________________________


Thank you
Tamzin Mee

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