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We are delighted & very privilidged to announce that we have now become the very proud owners of our 1st Tonkinese stud boy.

Amorcatz Bruno Mars (Bruno to his friends)  joined us at the beginning of March 2014.
He is a 4th generation lilac TCR, with stunning aqua eyes, the loudest purr & (fingers crossed) he has good show potential.
He is everything a Tonkinese should be, intelligent, handsome & has the most fantastic nature.

At the moment he is far too busy practising his playing & wrestling skills to be interested in the ladies in the house!  There is plenty of time for him to practise being a ladies man.  

I cannot thank Mrs Sue Amor enough for trusting me with the exceptional little man.

Bruno at 16 weeks.
Bruno at his 1st show.
Bruno's Cat World magazine photo @ 5 months
Bruno checking out his magazine debut
Gorgeous boy at 6 months old

As the saying goes, things happen in life, like waiting for a bus!
We are delighted to say that we have just welcomed another fantastic future stud boy to the Snowtonks household. 
No Doubt von der Mozarthohe (Blu to his friends) is an amazing Blue Tabby BCR Tonkinese.
I'm incredibly greatful to Silvia Kraus for trusting me with this special boy.
Not only is he stunning & utterly adorable HE HAS STRIPES!!!!!!!!! 
I have waited so long for a tabby baby :-)
But the most important thing is he brings much needed new lines to this country.

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