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Well of all of my girls, rogue is definitely the most civilised!
Usually you can pretty much guarantee that a queen will go into labour just as your going to bed, or in the middle of the night.
Now with a toddler that has only just started sleeping through the night, im ok at sleep deprivation, but still dont enjoy it, but rogue was a little star!
I checked her a couple of times on saturday night & there was no sign
I checked her at 8am on sunday morning again she was fine
I came back at 8:30am............ we had 3 kittens!!!!!
Followed 45 mins later by no 4 & shortly after by no's 5&6 that came at the same time.

Week 1
These little guys are very advanced for their age, at 3 days old Twister had one eye begining to open.
At 5 days he was starting to peek outside of his pen! (not that Rogue was having any of it!)
By the end of the week, most of the kittens have at least one eye open, if not two.
It's only Skittles that has no eyes open yet, but as the only princess of the group, she has decided to do things in her own time.
It looks like we have 5 boys & one girl, unless the sex fairy visits us
It still would be a complete guess on colours at this stage, as it looks like this is going to be a complicated litter to colour, but if i had to guess at the moment........ Our girl looks like she is blue, possible blue tortie.
Of the boys i think we have one blue boy, two cream or apricot boys & two that i have no idea of colour! They will probably be caramel, but as for blue based caramel, or lilac based caramel, we will have to wait & see.
Tabby markings seem to be developing on the caramel boys, but it will be quite a while to wait & see if the cream/apricot boys are tabbies.

Week 2
Everyone now has eyes open & are begining to hold their heads up
We still have 5 boys & 1 boy, so no visits from the sex fairy as of yet

Week 3
I can't believe that these little guys are 3 weeks old already!
Everyone is doing well & they are begining to start exploring their pen (much to their mums disgust)
In terms of colours, we have one blue TCR girl, one blue TCR boy, 1 cream  possibly tabby TCR boy, one apricot tabby TCR boy & two blue based caramel TCR boys

Week 4
Well i'm not sure what happened over night.
They went from curiously peeking over the pen entrance wondering what the big wide world was like, to lets all blow this joint!!!
Basically i went to check on my daughter Izzy in the middle of the night & could hear a different cry coming from the kittens bedroom which is next to Izzy's.
I went to check on them to find all 6 of them waddling around the room with poor Rogue running around shouting at them & trying to round them up.
Unfortunately although they can get out of the pen ok, they hadn't quite worked out how to get back in, so i had to hastilly make a ramp at 2am so they could all get back in ok.

Week 5
Litter training week!...... In last weeks heat, it was a rather smelly afair, but i think they're getting the hang of it now.
They have also started on some solid food, albeit in a rather strange way, but never mind.
Normally we go from mums milk, to wet food, to eventually dry food (normally softened at first until they get used to it) Not these guys! I came in one day to find Buckaroo munching away on some dry food (of course it would be him the little porky boy!) & throughout the week, pretty much all of them have joined him, but as for wet food........ oh no thats still considered poisonous to all apart from Twister who is beginning to get the hang of it!
We have started to bring the kittens downstairs in the evening now, to get them used to different noises & smells, so far everyone is enjoying the cuddles & taking it all in their stride.

Week 6
Everyone with the exception of Skittles has got the hang of wet food now, Skittles is still showing no interest in wet food what so ever,  but is wolfing down dry food!
Litter training is 99% there now, i'm not going to say it's all sorted, because as soon as i do,
i'll find an accidednt somewhere!

Week 7
The Kittens are all doing really well, they now have free roam of the house throughout the day & are enjoying exploring their new domain.
Izzy is loving chasing them all around (supervised of course)

Week 8
They are all now officially hooligans!
They spend their days perfecting their UFC moves on each other, or their poor unsuspecting Mum or Aunty Tarja
They have also learned to run away from Aunty Tarja very quickly when they see her coming as she keeps trying to drag them back to bed with her kittens

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