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Hi my name is Tamzin, I live in Camborne, Cornwall with my husband George.

I am a small hobby breeder of Snowshoe & Tonkinese cats. I am lucky enough to have met some wonderful breeders that have supported me with endless advice and encouragement. I am now very proud to count them amongst my friends. Please feel free to visit their sites by following the "our friends" link.

We strive to breed healthy well socialised kittens, that are good to type for their breed as set out in their standard of point. We follow all GCCF rules with regard to breeding our cats, which are first and foremost our beloved pets. 

I am a member of several cat clubs including: The Tonkinese cat club, Tonkinese breed club, Snowshoe cat club & The Snowshoe cat society.

A little bit on how this came about.

I had always wanted a Siamese cat, unfortunately my husband is not keen on the look of the modern Siamese. This started my internet journey trying to find a breed of cat that had all of the qualities that I wanted in a Siamese, but that my husband liked the look of. I was lucky enough to find two!

My first pedigree cat was Riley (Kamkai Sonofagun), he is the most handsome chocolate solid Tonkinese boy and I simply adore him! He is a second generation tonk and has the most placid cuddly nature. He loves nothing more than sitting in his run surveying his kingdom or cuddling up with his harem of girls.

Unfortunately when we brought Riley home it became quickly apparent that Willow my silver tabby Moggie wanted absolutely nothing to do with him, this broke our hearts as he so desperately wanted to play.

This resulted in us buying Cristal (Destrier Jelly Bean) our first Snowshoe. She is a blue bi-colour Snowshoe & is everything a Snowshoe should be. She is MY cat (or should I say I'm HER human) and follows me everywhere, she has to be involved with everything I do & is always first to claim her spot on my lap. She is a tiny girl with huge deep blue eyes, but has the heart of a lion.

Bringing Cristal home had the desired effect, she and Riley hit it off instantly and it took the pressure off Willow who then "tolerated" the others.

With both Riley & Cristal in the house I soon realised that these were two wonderful breeds of cats. As my husband puts it, this was the beginning of the end!

Over the course of the next 12 months I spoke to several breeders who without their advice I would still be floundering in the depths of information on the internet. I decided that showing and breeding these wonderful cats was for me & set about finding the right queens.

I am now the proud owner of 5 queens.

An enchanting 5th generation preferred show pattern Snowshoe girl TICA Champion Alfacentory Crystalline (Pandora). Pandora is not only a GCCF Multiple Merit winner & TICA Champion, she has made me very proud by becoming TICA Western Europe Snowshoe Cat of the year 2010/2011. Thank you to Florence Dickenson for providing me with this beautiful girl.

I'm very excited to say we have imported
VDMozarthoehe Nightwish Tarja  (Tarja).
An enchanting brown BCR girl who has joined us all the way from Germany.
Tarja not only brings new blood lines to the UK, but she is more of a burmese looking tonkinese which will hopefully bring a new look to my kittens.
I can't wait to see the kittens that she & Bruno produce! :-)

Our family has now been joined by Tigermist Kaleena (Rogue).
Rogue is a beautiful little Blue tabby tortie CPP girl & yes she does live up to her name!
She is by far the naughtiest girl we have had, but makes up for it by having the sweetest personality
She will do anything for a belly rub.

Joining our family is our very own home grown queen Snowtonk Fantasia (Radley)
Radley is an enchanting lilac BCR girl with a very sweet nature, i can't wait to see her babies with Blu.

The baby of the bunch is Chocolatedot Kerenza
Kerenza is a very pretty Lilac tabby BCR Tonkinese girl, she comes to us from Kerry a breeder in Plymouth & is the result of a breeding from her queen Misty & our boy Blu
We are very excited to see how this little girl developes.

We are delighted to say we now have 2 very handsome Tonkinese stud boys.
Amorcatz Bruno Mars, Bruno it an absolute joy! He is a 4th generation lilac TCR boy with stunning Aqua eyes. (Please see our stud page for more details.)
I will never be able to thank Mrs Sue Amor enough for believing in me & trusting me with this special boy. 
VDMozarthoehe NO Doubt (Blu) my gorgeous 5th generation blue ticked tabby BCR future stud boy.
I have waited so long for a tabby tonk & Blu is simply stunning.
Many thanks to Silvia Kraus for allowing both Tarja & Blu to come & join my family all the way from Germany.

Please see more about our feline family by visiting "Our Queens" page.

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